Standards & Ethical Policies of IDEES



IDEES uses plagiarism detection software in order to ensure the Originality of the materials submitted. In case, the manuscripts are found to be plagiarized from the original work (whether published or under review process) will be rejected.



The decision for publishing the articles submitted to the Journal rests with the editor of the article. He may take such decisions after conferring the same with the other editors & reviewers.


If the author has used his previously published work or work that is under review, then he/she is required to cite the previous work in his manuscript & should indicate how his current work offer literary contributions beyond those of the previous work.


The Author should not publish his manuscript in more than one Journal or Conference. This kind of acts are are considered as unethical & unacceptable.


The Author of the research should acknowledge the contribution of all the people who helped him to complete his research work. The names of all such people should be mentioned under the heading of Co-authors with their consent.


If the research work of the author involves usage of chemicals or any other elements which are hazardous for either humans or animals, then the manuscript should contain a statement showing that, all the activities are performed in compliance with the necessary laws and legislations and with the approval of the responsible academic committee.


The first publication rights of the manuscript are granted to IDEES by default & the Copyrights of the same are retained by the Author. 


In case, the author notices any significant errors, omissions or inaccurate information, the same should be reported to the publishing journal as early as possible. If the reviewing board throws it’s focus over such things lately, then the author may have to face immediate rejection of the manuscript under the condition of violation or infringement of rules.