Editorial Board

Roles and Responsibilities

Editorial Board


To arrange funds for meeting all expenses


To overall govern and supervise the timely publication of the journal and is the most influential contact for any affair

Managing Editor

To manage the entire process right from the announcements to publication and correspondence with the authors, planning strategic policies, act as a coordinator

Language Editor

To be involved in the overall general review of the papers once it is finalized by the Editorial team

Editorial Team

To classify the papers as per the subjects and allot to the subject experts for review and be involved in reviewing, editing, proof reading, correspondence with the authors, maintaining records and final publication

Technical Assistant

To manage the proper functioning of the website

Management Team 

To assist the Editorial team in all possible manner

Reviewers /Subject Experts

To review the papers/articles, focus on content and the use of language, provide comments and forward the suggestions to the Editorial team

Advisory Board

To provide guidance regarding the scope and direction of the journal, create networks to bring awareness about the journal, contribute various articles and send their comments and suggestions


This is merely an indicative guide for roles and responsibilities and in no way provides an exhaustive list of responsibilities of any Chair or any legal claims to the organization. It is important and biding on all the members to meet the goals of the organization in a cooperative sense.


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